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This site is devoted to improving scientific understanding of Alexander technique (AT)—its principles, practices, reported and demonstrated benefits, and terminology—and to understanding its history. The content ranges from descriptions of direct experiments on the effects of AT lessons to focused explanations of relevant current science to rigorously researched history of the work. We reference recent peer-reviewed publications wherever possible.

There is much about AT that cannot be explained by current science. AT concerns itself with changing complex habits of postural support, movement, and associated psychological states. These topics are not yet well understood scientifically and may resist simple scientific characterization for some time to come.

Nevertheless as scientific methods, models, and cross-disciplinary research improve, science is becoming increasingly relevant to AT.  There is exciting current science that has a lot to contribute to our understanding of AT.  There is also now some scientific evidence of AT’s benefits and mechanisms. Yet many AT websites, books, and presentations continue to refer to discredited, untested, or outdated scientific ideas. The AT community has a professional responsibility to stay up-to-date on these developments and to adjust its thinking and practices when necessary.

See General AT for a basic introduction to the Alexander Technique. See AT science for a concise overview of the essential content. Articles (posts) explore relevant topics in greater depth and are written by the contributors featured on the About us page.

Submissions are welcome. All articles are subject to internal review and editing.  Submissions are written at an educated layperson’s level, with a minimum of jargon, either AT or scientific. All material is expected to be grounded in current peer-reviewed science, and authors should avoid “cherry picking” selected publications but rather give a broad and fair overview of topics.

We welcome your comments and questions.  Thank you for visiting, and enjoy!

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